Gastric Bypass

It is the recommended procedure for patients with higher IMC than 40, it is a surgical procedure catalogued as MIXED, it combines a restrictive element which decreases the food quantity that can be ingested, with a malabsorbent component (it does not allow most of the ingested food to be absorbed by the organism). Such a substance does not affect the absorption of macro-nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates and fat. In patients that have been operated there is a need for vitamins, calcium and zinc supplements, alongside continuous monitoring to detect anemia for, if any, iron deficiency (specially in menstruating women), vitamin B12 and calcium. It is considered to be the ” Gold Standard ” of all obesity surgeries and within the last years many details have been improved with a safer and more effective outcome.

How it works and how it is done?

The stomach is cut and made smaller by a surgeon, it is divided into two an upper small segment that will function as the new stomach, and a lower section of the stomach, using a special stapler. After dividing the stomach, the small bowel is connected to the reservoir so that the food ingestion does not go into the lower segment of the stomach. Finally, the portion coming out of the reservoir is reconnected to the rest of the intestine that comes out of the lower “prior stomach” forming a Y . This Y connection allows food to mix with the pancreatic liquid and bile thus helping the important vitamin and mineral absorption. Nevertheless, the patient can still experiment the deficient absorption of certain nutrients. As the stomach has been reduced, the patient experiments the feeling of fullness quicker, reducing the quantity of ingested food.


    • All gastric bypass. Outstanding over the years weight loss in the majority of patients
    • Low rate of long-term re-operations
    • Same ones as in a laparoscopic surgery (minor scaring, mínimum pain, prompt release)

More Information Other important benefits are, general mobility and resistance improvements. Better self-esteem, mood and interpersonal relationships, work and job search capacity also improve. The change undergone in their corporal image by the patient allows him/her to explore social, vocational, and personal relationships. There is an important improvement in their personal (couple relationships, only if a good previous relation existed), many sterile patients become pregnant, urine incontinence is corrected, joint pains improve.


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