Intra Gastric Balloon

It is a system which is not involved much less the drug and surgery, is placed through endoscopy with minimum sedation. The function of the BIB system is the cause temporary weight loss in obese patients partially filling the stomach helping to feel sensation of satiety and fullness. It is a method with minimum risk and much more economical than the surgical. When the patient is in keeping with the directions, you can get up to 30 kg of weight in a year. The main drawback is that you must replace every 6 months and some patients do not tolerate it properly. Candidates for this method must be very well selected, in this short time, it is very difficult to change the habits of diet and exercise.
How it works and how it is done?
The intragastric balloon is introduced into the stomach by endoscopy (by mouth), without incisions, is inserted deflated with anesthesia in the throat and deep sedation administered by medical anesthesiologist. Initially held a panendoscopia diagnosed in order to determine if there is any contraindication, if this were the case cancels the procedure, corrected the finding and placement is rescheduled. Once entered the ball, this is filled with saline solution in a range of approximately 400 to 800 ml, mixed with methylene blue in order to detect early breaks during treatment.

The procedure lasts between 20 to 30 minutes, being ambulatory in the vast majority of cases. Once adequate capacity filler this is not able to advance to the intestine, so it will float freely inside the stomach. The time recommended for the BIB is 6 months, use for longer periods is not recommended since it increases exponentially the risk of perforation and potential intestinal obstruction of patients.

If it deflates or breaks the ball ahead of time, you will notice a change in color of urine, by the dye that is injected as a mechanism for security within the globe. At that time, it is necessary to contact your doctor to schedule as soon as the withdrawal of the this technique offers a good possibility to reduce body weight, as average we have about 15 to 20 kg weight reduction at 5 months. 6 months after the ball can deflate and can be removed endoscopically without difficulty. The simple replacement of the balloon is also possible to continue treatment if necessary.


    • The technique is less invasive and usually does not require that the patient undergo surgery (unless the balloon is filled with air) or need general anesthesia (mild sedation should be sufficient).
    • Patients, in general, do not have to stay in hospital overnight and can return home the same day of the procedure.
    • El procedimiento es mucho menos costoso.
    • Es fácilmente reversible.
    • The procedure is much less expensive because does not involve anesthetics or prolonged hospital stays.
    • It is easily reversible.

More Information

Patients with obesity mild to moderate, with significant risks for their health related to their obesity and that have failed in achieving and maintaining weight loss with other methods or programs supervised by physicians. Severely obese patients (or super obese with a BMI > 50) with large BMI requiring temporary weight loss, as preparation for a definitive surgical procedure patients obese candidates to surgery, but very high risk patients to definitive surgery candidates who refuse surgery as the only treatment alternative. The gastric balloon is made of high quality silicone, highly resistant to the extreme conditions of the stomach, is designed to be used in conjunction with a diet supervised plan and handling behavioral modification of habits, in order to help the patient maintain weight loss once the device is removed, as well as to ensure the best possible results.


    • With symptomatic gastroesophageal reflux Hiatal hernia
    • Ulcer gastric or duodenal
    • Cancer
    • Previous gastric surgery
    • Intolerance to the balloon
    • The multidisciplinary handling rejection
    • Non-attachment to the treatment
    • Believe in miraculous effects
    • Pregnancy or desire to become pregnant during the process.

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