The Antiobesity Center is a private institution dedicated to the treatment of obesity, is formed by a group of visionaries, engaged with the firm intention to treat obesity based on a multidisciplinary management.

Our center is performing specific activities to offer the patient the best results in the treatment of obesity, when the patient is a candidate for surgery, we offer the most advanced laparoscopic procedures, including diagnosis and treatment of obesity.

Our center has the most modern infrastructure, supported by the best hospitals in the respective headquarters. The newly created Antiobesity Center has been possible thanks to the broad perspective and vision of a group of highly trained doctors in bariatrics, advanced laparoscopic surgery as well as in gastrointestinal endoscopy, nutrition, psychiatry / psychology, etc.. in the best training centers around the world.

These personnel have been participated in numerous conferences, training centers, and are authors of numerous articles and book chapters with worldwide fame.

Within our program is our firm belief that the so-called “minimally invasive surgery” and the so called key hole surgery combined with endoscopic approach offers undoubted advantages for patients and a rapid recovery from surgery compared to a similar procedure performed in an “open” or Traditional fashion.

Recently we add a new approach being pioneers in México in the called Single incision laparoscopic surgery (SILS), utilizing only one small incision to perform laparoscopic obesity surgery.

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